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Maple Bear Brasil The best of Canadian education for a global future.

About Maple Bear

We are Canada

Maple Bear offers the best in Canadian bilingual education, preparing for a world in which imagination, critical thinking, multiculturalism and integrating people and disciplines, will be even more crucial. We have over 450 early childhood, elementary and high schools in 20 countries around the world.
In Brazil we are present in every region, with over 140 schools that not only follow the curriculum determined by the Ministry of Education, but in many cases surpass it, offering excellence-based education to over 30 thousand students in every region of the country.


Maple Bear Brazil is a high-quality school network which is based on the best Canadian educational practices, compliant with Brazilian education regulations. We seek to surpass the educational expectations of parents and Brazilian society, by preparing our students for a future of opportunities in Brazil and abroad.


To bring to Brazilian students, in every region of the country, from Early Childhood to High School, the best of Canadian education, and to establish Maple Bear as a leading authority in bilingual education.


– Educational excellence
– Passion for learning
– Multiculturalism and respect towards differences

Maple Bear Global

Originating in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and with over 531 schools in 24 nations, serving over 41 thousand students, Maple Bear Canadian School is a world leader in bilingual education, offering high quality education to all levels, from Early Childhood all the way to High School. Maple Bear follows the best practices in Canadian education, those which put Canadian education among the best in the world.
Currently, Maple Bear has schools in the following countries:
South Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, UAE, Turkey, Morocco, Brazil, Mexico, Hong Kong, Romania, Nepal and USA.
Soon also in Kenya, Bulgaria, Argentina, Paraguay and Peru.

Schools in Brazil
Maple Bear Global Map
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