Metodologia Canadense

Maple Bear schools offer complete and innovative programs, which are delivered by experienced Canadian and Brazilian educators and based on practices that have placed Canadian schools among the best in the world.
Principles of the Canadian methodology:

Educação holística

Holistic education – learning takes place at all levels: physical, intellectual, emotional, and social.

Incentivo à experimentação

A clear incentive to experimentation, intellectual challenges, discovery, and problem solving.

Ensino integrado

Integrated teaching: different subjects complement each other under the same themes.

Respeito às características

Respect towards a student’s individual characteristics and pace. Children are given opportunities to explore the world in a practical way, taking their time to do so.

•	Incentivo a criatividade e auto expressão.

Creativity and self-expression are always stimulated.

Slas de aulas amplas

Ample and welcoming classrooms, equipped with Learning Centers, books and other manipulative materials.

•	Primazia da comunicação.

Communication is a priority.

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