Experienced and Middle Years Coordinator Training

During the week of September 19 to 23, the Maple Bear Head Office in Brazil hosted leadership workshops for Experienced and Middle Years Coordinators.

This year, 40 school leaders took part in the two day Experienced Coordinators Training which took place in two sessions over the course of the week. The training was facilitated by former Academic Director, Janice Leroux, and focused on Assessment and Reporting. 

The first day was spent looking at assessment practices in the Maple Bear Early Childhood program.  The session was highlighted by the introduction of the new Pre-school Continuum. The second day focused on assessment practices at the Elementary level and how these are used to track student growth and plan for instruction on an on-going and daily basis.  Participants also spent much time learning about the development of report card marks at all levels and fair reporting practices.  At the conclusion of this interactive two-day session, much learning and collegial information was shared by all.  A big thank you goes out to Jundiai School where the leadership team there formally presented the work that they are doing with continuums to track student growth in their school.

Mid-week, the pace changed slightly as 20 Middle Year coordinators came together for the second annual Middle Years Coordinators Training.  This session was facilitated by Jocelyn McPike, Director of Education and Training with Maple Bear Global Schools.  The session focused on the recently published Middle Years Handbook and Middle Years Strategy Guide and what these documents mean to creating a school environment that is engaging, relevant, and purposeful to middle years students.  As with last year, it was great to have the middle years coordinators come together to learn and network with each other.

All in all, it was a most interesting and enjoyable week of learning.



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