Real Bilingualism

Bilingual education is much more than just learning a second language. A true bilingual education is the use of the mother tongue and a second language as the media for instruction of the school curriculum.

The Maple Bear bilingual experience, based on Canadian best practices, begins with an early immersion approach in preschool where instruction is delivered in English, then transitions to an equal amount of English and first language instruction at the Elementary level and beyond.

Literacy is the cornerstone of a Maple Bear school. The aims of the Maple Bear approach target student proficiency in English writing, reading, listening and speaking skills while also instructing age-appropriate literacy skills in the student’s first language. Academic instruction in both languages is grade appropriate and meets or exceeds national standards.

As a pioneer in this educational approach, Canadian educators have spent decades refining this model through studies on the long-term impact of immersion and bilingual programs on student achievement compared to single language instruction. Maple Bear classrooms reflect the best of the Canadian experience.

The world has become more closely connected through economics and communication than ever before. Second language proficiency and familiarity with other cultures are assets as students recognize themselves as global citizens and pursue opportunities that exist worldwide.

Exciting recent research supports the health benefits of bilingualism as the brain is continually exercised through language use which helps to slow the aging effect of the brain in senior years.

Philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein wrote many years ago, “The limits of my language mean the limits of my world. When we learn to speak a different language, we learn to see a bigger world.”

The Maple Bear experience allows children to develop their potential and to prepare for a future of opportunity at home and around the world.

William (Bill) Morgan
Diretor Acadêmico
Maple Bear Brasil


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