Happening at Maple Bear

Experienced and Middle Years Coordinator Training

During the week of September 19 to 23, the Maple Bear Head Office in Brazil hosted leadership workshops for Experienced and Middle Years Coordinators.

This year, 40 school leaders took part in the two day Experienced Coordinators Training which took place in two sessions over the course of the week. The training was facilitated by former Academic Director, Janice Leroux, and focused on Assessment and Reporting. 

Real Bilingualism

Bilingual education is much more than just learning a second language. A true bilingual education is the use of the mother tongue and a second language as the media for instruction of the school curriculum.

Maple Bear students had their doubts clarified by judges from Rondônia about the Statute of the Child and Adolescent

Maple Bear Porto Velho promoted a debate among four judges from Rondônia for Year 5, Year 6 and Year 7 students. The main idea was to clarify students’ doubts, because they are finishing a study about the Brazilian Statute of the Child and Adolescent.

The session was covered by TV Rondônia and G1 website.

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