Testimonials from Parents

Sandra Silveira, mother of Rodrigo ( Year 8) - Brasília

Rodrigo began studying at Maple Bear in 2008 when he joined Year 1 and did not know any English. Since then seven years have passed. His development surprises me every day, not only be- cause of his English proficiency, but in the logical reasoning. Science, due to the hands-on approach adopted by Maple Bear, is his favorite subject. Last year, he and his colleagues, along with the Portuguese teacher, wrote a book, which was re- leased at Livraria Cultura with autograph session and everything. Currently he also participates in the Debate, Theater and Basketball groups.

Patrícia e Vadim Razdobreev, São Bernardo do Campo parents of João Pedro

Patrícia e Vadim Razdobreev, São Bernardo do Campo pais do João Pedro
“More than the Canadian teaching method, what really impressed us is the way such method is applied by teachers with the support of the whole Maple Bear team. It is worth emphasizing the efficiency of the recreational activities that make learning easy and natural. We are happy with our son’s development and sure we made the best choice – we want the best future for him!”.

Camila Motta, São José do Rio Preto – mother of Luisa and Julia (Junior Kindergarten)

Testimonial Camila Motta, São José do Rio Preto
“I am most surprised to see how my daughters Luisa and Julia have developed naturally at Maple Bear in terms of learning and literacy. At school they are in close contact with the English language, which is a global form of communication and an absolutely essential asset for those who wish to expand their possibilities – especially career-wise”.

Fernanda Vieira, RJ Barra da Tijuca mother of Isabella (Junior Kindergarten)

Fernanda Vieira, RJ Barra da Tijuca mãe da Isabella
“As I have been following the school since its opening, it surprises me to see that despite the growth seen in the past five years, the family atmosphere and the individualized care were not lost. I feel the school is an extension of my home. We are true partners in the education of my daughters. And that clearly reflects on the girls: they both love the school! The happiness shows in their little faces every- day as I take them to class and then pick them up at the end of the school day”.
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